Shell rebrand

The Brief

To refurbish and install new branding solutions in the forecourt, within their retail stores and inside the bathroom facilities.

When Shell customers stop at a service station they expect a certain level of service, not only when purchasing fuel but also from the other amenities. With their acknowledgment that their facilities needed to be overhauled, we partnered with them to reenergise these environments.

Shell rebrandShell rebrandShell rebrandShell rebrand

How did we ensure we could breathe new life into Shell?

We immediately took on the role of brand & project managers, designing and creating materials specifications, centrally, whilst the production of the graphics was handled locally, using our European network. This allowed the local experts to advise on local challenges and cater for the individual requirements of each market and more specifically for each store.

Shell rebrand

Why this approach?

Despite the main objective being to improve the Shell brand experience for many customers. We also understand that as a business, it is key to deliver on time, within budget and a brand consistently. This is why we provide central management with local delivery – the program was rolled out on time and within budget, with an estimated cost saving of 10-15%.