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We can join you at any stage of your strategic journey. From ideation through to implementation our network of experts can bring value to the development and delivery of your brand programmes. From airline, automotive and logistics sectors to place, product and people brands, our team have enabled clients to take their place in their global markets and enjoy success.

Our senior management team have accumulated a wealth of experience across a broad range of sectors; assisting brand institutions to define the detail for global mobilisation strategies to developing out full strategic programmes for nationally based brands and start-ups.

In an increasingly complex and cluttered global market, achieving commercial business plans and meeting investor expectations requires a sophisticated and differentiated approach to consumer communications to ensure that brands engage, connect and ultimately convert and retain consumers better than their competitors can and attract the talented teams to enable these goals to be realised.

Our approach to brand goes beyond creating a compelling and differentiated design identity. We understand how to weave your brand through organisational tapestries, ensuring it champions internal brand values, promotes purpose, attracts the best employee talent, amplifies cultural pillars and speaks with customers better than your competitors can, ultimately cutting a performance path through cluttered marketplaces to enable you to take your place.
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Understanding your brand purpose is a key part of our strategic immersion services and developing it through brand communications is fundamental to your future. Brand purpose can help build better relationships between a brand and its consumer and investors.

You will have determined who you are talking to, when and how, so it’s now about delivering a range of dynamic brand stories that are engaging and authentic, championing your products and celebrating the benefits your products and services will bring to your customers.

In an increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace it's rapidly important to create an identity that is distinctive and representative of your values and purpose to enable your company to cut-through the mass of advertising

We can conduct a full audit of your current brand, where it is and where it isn’t, making recommendations on how to optimise visibility on a sequenced, efficient and economical basis that fit with your strategic brand programmes.

We believe that the best marketing strategies are built by blending frameworks and models with creativity, intuition and guile. Having a solid foundation of evidence as to who you are and why you are better for your customers than your competitors are is a solid starting point.

And once that empirical foundation is established build creative and engaging strategies that connect and engage your brand better than your competitors can.

Our team have experience working in brand and marketing roles and delivering client projects over multiple sectors, putting us in a good position to integrate into your team and add insight and value to the development of your strategy. We are equally at home in developing business or consumer strategies and the suite of tactics required to deliver on them.

You will have determined who you are talking to, when and how, so it’s now about delivering a range of dynamic brand stories that are engaging and authentic, championing your products and celebrating the benefits your products and services will bring to your customers.
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We understand that the majority of consumer decisions are intuitive, so we aim to provoke emotional responses that open the gate to considering the brand and acting upon the message.

We have unrivalled experience in global brand implementation programmes. Our international partnership network and unique digitalised platform enables us to audit, plan, produce, mobilise and implement brand programmes efficiently and economically, providing you with a single point of global command and control.

Visibility matters. In a hyper-digitalised world, real world visibility is often over-looked and opportunities to position and promote brands are misse

We act as the single point of contact for your brand implementation programme, co-ordinating with your internal team to manage suppliers, site planning approvals, brand applications and installations.

Our global network enables us to search and select an implementation supply chain that is local to its destination, ensuring we leave a right-size footprint on the planet, stimulate local economies whilst hitting client deadlines and meeting economic expectations.

Our unique approach to Brand Visibility ensures you benefit from a legacy asset management system that can be easily maintained and kept for future use.

In a hyper-digitalised world, hurtling towards the metaverse, many brands fail to leverage the power of their brands in the physical world. Our tailored brand technology solutions enable you to know how your brand presents in every physical environment it is located so that you can simply and easily prioritise your brand presentation, modify messaging, elevate brand perception, and reap the brand benefits of every asset in your portfolio.

The objective is two-fold, firstly understand exactly where your brand is physically presented across your portfolio of physical assets. These physical assets can range from buildings to fleet to workplaces to logistical containers.

Our PMO team create a customisable brand asset database for every client, showing the status of all brand assets. We can customise the database by asset type, location, region, continent and size, shape and style of your current brand assets.

Our design team will, from your brand guidelines, develop a suite of physical brand assets for use across your portfolio. We can design every physical touchpoint for your brand. We have designed global brand asset suites for aircraft, fleets, retail stores, airport terminals, workplaces through to personalised stationery for employees.

The portfolio of brand design is hosted at your Brand Asset Store. In simpler terms, this is an online store of every physical brand asset you will need. If there is demand for more bespoke brand assets based on regional requirements or promotional campaigning, these can be designed and added to the store at any point.

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'The result is magnificent – with the support of GLIMMA we now have the perfect communications platform to attract and excite our customers.'

Jakob Slot, Head of Interior Store Design, Jack&Jones

'Speed was essential and GLIMMA really rose to the challenge. They succeeded in delivering our new branding in 29 countries across four continents, rebranding more than 80 airports and 220 ticket offices within just 180 days.'

Jose Luis Campos, Customer Experience & Loyalty Manager, Avianca

'Thanks to their on-the-ground presence in key markets, GLIMMA was able to superbly handle the practical challenges such as time zone differences and local market requirements. With their support, we achieved a smooth brand rollout at 400 sites in more than 20 countries.'

Teppo Särö, Europe Project Lead, Nokia