United Kingdom

91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL


777 Lowndes Hill Road
Building 3
Suite 327
Greenville, SC 29607
+1 864 832 7120


2, Evergreen CHS
Water field Road
Bandra West
400050 India
+91 961 919 7143

Our team

Tom Hawkins

Jonny Hawkins

Ross Haxton
Managing Director EMEA

Kirsten Donaldson
New Business Director

Sanjeev Mehta
Managing Director India

Chuck Driskell
Managing Director USA

Harm Janssen
Business Director EMEA

Sjaak Bolier
Client Services Director

Mohsin Shaikh
General Manager

Artur Gorniak
PMO Manager

Coralie Moles
Operations Support Manager

Rachel Dane-Kidjo
Financial Accountant

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We’ve been working with design, architectural, marketing and branding agencies for decades – our origins go back to 1927. We understand what goes into a brand and the ongoing challenge of maintaining its impact and integrity. Our experience ensures you’ll get the results you want. 

With over 25 years experience in the point-of-communication market, we know that minds and hands are vital for our clients’ success. We strive to help clients excel in modern POC by creating stronger connections with customers, building engagement and trust – and increasing purchases. 

We are an independent strategic brand agency and we enjoy enabling every brand we work with to look, feel, sound and work better than it has before. We are a full-service agency, with a talented team who have a breadth of experience in; retail, consumer lifestyle, start-ups, tourism, destinations, real estate, sports and corporate sectors.

Few methods promote your brand better than large-scale printed displays. From offices to retail, contract to events, public transportation to public spaces, we design, produce and deliver displays with the ‘wow factor’. 
And we’ve got a 4,000sqm warehouse and 3,300sqm of yard space for loading and unloading, so products are safely managed. 
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Megamark is a leader in visual communication in France – and has been for 30 years. 
Our leitmotif translates into our raison d'être: “Meeting challenges to bring brands to life”. Megamark relies on two subsidiaries to carry out projects: 1) Megawork for layout, fittings and finishing work. 2) GLIMMA for the international deployment of your brand. 

Nonbye delivers innovative and creative visual identity solutions to clients in Scandinavia. And we’re consistently better than our competitors. How? We build long-term, profitable relationships with customers and partners, produce predictable results for our owners and have a dynamic environment for our employees (which inspires them to go further).