Brand Identity

In an increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace it’s increasingly important to create an identity that is distinctive and representative of your values and purpose to enable your company to cut-through the mass of advertising, be recognised for being the purposeful better brand and ultimately convert and retain consumers, better than your competitors can.

'A sensible starting point is understanding how you are currently perceived and how visible and resonant your brand is compared to your competitors.'

Your consumer research agency may have already conducted these perception audits as part of your strategic reviews and your marketing team will have provided analysis of marketing campaigns to understand consumer response to current brand campaigns. Your HR team will have polled employees on their views on whether the brand reflects their values and is engaging and inspiring.

To complement your internal analysis we will combine a visual benchmarking exercise, with a review of consumer sentiment and undertake a full brand visibility review to understand whether you are making the best use of your physical assets.

'The combined outcome of your analyses is that we are able to develop a visual, statistical, sentiment and physical assessment of how your brand is perceived, performs and its place compared to your competitors.'

When combined with your business and beliefs objectives, we have the basis for a solid brand design brief.

From this brief we will design the visible elements of your brand that identify it and distinguish it from competitor brands. A cohesive identity that wholly reflects the personality and purpose of your organisation, which will enable you to build a positive brand image. And a language that encourages audiences, from customers to investors, to buy-into your brand image.

We develop the brand design through multiple media formats, create future campaigns and compare these campaigns to the visual benchmarking exercise. This enables everyone to see the brand in comparable real-life scenarios. We also advocate that brand design routes are tested internally with employees and externally, if the project scope allows, with consumer focus groups or even in some online campaign activity.

We will produce a full suite of brand guidelines to enable all partners to understand why and how the brand is implemented. We can help deliver those onboarding sessions internally and externally.

'There are many brand agencies and many brand implementation agencies. There isn’t one agency that does both as expertly as we do.'

So, once your brand identity is developed, we are very well placed to support the delivery through marketing and mobilise its physical implementation, across the globe.

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We can conduct a full audit of your current brand, where it is and where it isn’t, making recommendations on how to optimise visibility on a sequenced, efficient and economical basis that fit with your strategic brand programmes.