Retail Brand Visibility

We create immersive and engaging retail brand communications, ensuring the consumer experience is of a consistently high quality at every touchpoint.

Our management team have held senior roles in store design, brand, marketing and real estate in retailers, so we understand how to deliver a brand communications strategy that sets you apart from competitors and in-store designs that enable your customers to enjoy their experience and your store teams to optimise conversion.

'We create competitive retail brand communications, from concept to marketing programmes and ultimately in-store design and experiences.'


Working with Rive Gauche’s brand and marketing leaders, our G CREATIVE team in London helped to define a new brand hierarchy. Following indepth analysis – market and brand position, target audiences, tone of voice and extensive retail benchmarking – we developed a new brand identity and retail concept.

Retail needs innovation. It’s the blend of physical and digital that will enhance experience and optimise operational efficiencies. And once conceived, tested and honed, concepts need to be rolled, market-by-market, efficiently and economically.

'We have a global network that enables retail mobilisation to be time and cost efficient.'

Jack & Jones Store Concept and Implementation

We were asked to manage the rollout of JACK & JONES’ latest window displays in over 450 stores and to create a compelling and consistent retail experience across Europe, the Middle East and Canada.

With more than 1,000 stores across 38 countries, they are one of Europe’s leading men’s fashion retailers.

'The team at GLIMMA co-ordinated and installed the new racking system in 450+ retail stores globally. They successfully overcame the challenges associated with global supply chain, variances in store layouts and different cultures, delivering the entire program on time. The result is magnificent – with the support of GLIMMA we now have the perfect communications platform to attract and excite our customers.'


Our brand technology enables retailers to have real-time brand visibility, enabling retailers to see what their customers see, across every store worldwide and ask themselves whether visibility and perception can be improved. Our technology can assist in that assessment and audit.

'Our brand visibility technology can help you see your brand assets anywhere in the world.'

Moscow Jewlery Retail Concept

To develop a new modular retail design concept which can be scaled to fit any size store. This concept is to design and implement the retail space in Moscow Jewelry’s flagship stores in Moscow.

With over 300 stores across 104 cities, Moscow Jewelry is one of Russia’s leading jewellers. Selling more than one million items in-store every year, their retail network is critical to their success.

Central to success was an in-depth knowledge of their brand proposition and how this is reflected across their different product ranges.

The 1000mstore in Moscow’s AFIMALL is laid out in zones, one for each product range.

Every zone is designed with specific customer profiles in mind.

The design concept considers every aspect, from lighting, fittings and finishes to carefully planned seating areas with handpicked furniture.

'The new retail concept has provided an incredible boost to our brand’s image. Our customers and staff have truly welcomed the flagship concept and this has been reflected in our sales, which have grown by 30-35%. The combination of planning, product display and digital presence has helped us move our offer beyond what we had anticipated.' Egor Vaganov, Marketing Director, Moscow Jewelry

Egor Vaganov
Marketing Director, Moscow Jewelry

It’s this combination of knowing retail, creating competitive communication programmes, innovating the consumer experience and optimising brand visibility that enables us to support your brand elevation and engagement strategies.

Shoppers Stop Stores Brand Experience

We were commissioned to deliver new brand experiences within Shoppers Stop department stores through the design, manufacture and installation of their lounge and promotion display areas in prime stores across India.

These include dedicated and targeted concepts, such as the ‘Personal Shopper Lounge’, the ‘Show Stopper Zone’ and the ‘Suits & Jackets Zone”.

Shoppers Stop is one of the largest department store chains in India, selling international and national brands for clothing & accessories, cosmetics & fragrances, as well as home décor and furnishings.

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