PETRONAS rebrand

The Brief

To manage the rebrand of over 2,500 sites across Europe.

With a new brand strategy to bring different brands under the single umbrella brand of PETRONAS and ambitious expansion plans in Europe, they sought our help to effect a fast and efficient rollout of their new identity.

PETRONAS rebrandPETRONAS rebrand

On the start line

With such a large number of sites to assess, survey and rebrand, we worked on the most cost effective and fastest implementation plan. Each dealership was categorised as Platinum, Gold or Silver. Each received a different level of branding solution.

For maximum efficiency we established standard procedures for each level, whilst maintaining the flexibility to create more bespoke solutions for flagship sites.

This was particularly important when preparing for high profile PR site launches by celebrities such as Formula One Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton.

PETRONAS rebrand

On the finish line

Meticulous planning of this four year programme ensured that all sites and dealerships were completed on time. In one year alone we produced and installed over 2,500m2 of vinyl.

Our combined service offer of production and installation, coupled with central and local project management teams was key to success.