The Brief

Nonbye represents our local operation in the Nordics. Their brief was to help refurbish the workspaces of Arla Foods, including their head office in Aarhus.

As the world’s fourth largest dairy company, they wanted to inject new life into the space and to reflect their positive relationship with the natural environment.

Workplace refurbishment programme

As part of a wider refurbishment programme, our team was responsible for the manufacture and installation of workplace branding graphics across Arla Foods’ facilities in Denmark and Sweden.

Working closely with the Arla team and the architects, SAHL Arkitekter A / S, we helped to install the graphics onto large sections of glass that were carefully designed to create division, whilst letting in light.



Our team manufactured and installed more than 1,000m2 of foil, using 3M 40-114 transparent film with UV colour to create a durable surface:

  • Site survey
  • Manufacture
  • Installation

Artist inspired

The architect Susanne Lund Jensen is the artist behind the designs, drawing inspiration from the natural world and seamlessly combining this with elements from Arla’s product range.

The end result is a fresh new working environment for all employees and visitors, helping to reinforce Arla’s brand internally and reflect their positioning as a farmer-owned sustainable business.

Visit the Nonbye website for full details.

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This was a very interesting project for our team, it demanded real precision. Closely following Arla's guidelines, we had to take into account many different areas, sizes and formats in order to create the overall effect. I am happy to report that the client is delighted by the result.

Per Nonbye, Production Manager at Nonbye