'We understand this conflict and do advocate a balanced investment in brand assets and brand engagement.'

Your teams can order from your own Brand Asset Store, where we have designed every asset, you need. Plus, we develop a local supply chain that ensures assets are local to their destination, so together we stimulate local economies and employment and keep our respective carbon footprints low.

'With our tailored technology solutions, you can see how your brand is presented anywhere in the world and make the decisions you need to elevate its presentation.'

And we control the entire supply, from idea to implementation through our central office and global network, meaning you can focus on continuing to innovate your competitive brand strategy.

Easy, simple, fingertip control, with seamless and consistently high-quality implementation.

It’s this intelligent management of brand assets that can help make the intangible just that bit more tangible.

'We’re your eyes and ears on the ground: using technology and our extensive network of partners around the world to spot trends and developments – then acting on them so your brand isn’t left behind.'

We’ll bring in leading designers, copywriters, editors, strategists, and account managers to deliver assets that can become the core of an effective campaign; and mobilise our global network to make sure your brand reaches all the right audiences and markets, faster and better than your competitors can.

All of which takes us to the top line: “Back again, are we?”

We certainly are. And thank you for making us always welcome and part of your team.

'We love to work collaboratively – immersing ourselves in your culture so we become an extension of your team. This way you’ll not only see what we’re creating, but why we’re creating it.'