From Edinburgh to EMEA

Hailing from the stunning Edinburgh, Ross Haxton, MD of GLIMMA EMEA, began his brand and design journey courtesy of a first-class honour’s degree from the Edinburgh College of Art.

Landor then provided him with his first role in design, which proved to be a baptism by concept design fire.

“I started my professional career at Landor in the brand environments concept team, arguably the best introduction a designer could wish for. One minute, we’d be designing a brand environment concept for a luxury retailer, and the next, designing details on food counters for a global fast-food chain.”

Global Brand Discovery

After stints at top London agencies, Ross spent a year in Sweden, immersing himself in what many consider the epicentre of contemporary design. 

“I took a lot from my time in Stockholm. Here, I was able to merge personal immersive experiences of understanding with how to translate a brand beautifully into an effortlessly elegant environment. Surprisingly, I spent much of my time designing for Systembolaget: Sweden’s government-owned alcohol retailer!”

Returning to London’s gritty hustle and bustle, Ross worked across multiple brands, formats and scaled projects within his design practice, heading up large brand and environment design teams.

“This was the ‘Airmiles’ phase of my career. From designing banks in Canada to supermarkets in Hong Kong, shopping malls in Jeddah and workplaces for multi-national consultancies everywhere, I was literally intercontinental. At this point, I developed a unique appreciation for the importance of airport design, which has served me well since we [GLIMMA] now work for one of the world’s largest airlines.”

The Super-Brand Era

With significant international branding and environment design expertise (and a million air miles!), Ross then set up his own practice, giving him the freedom many designers yearn for and an opportunity to flex his design skills.

“This was definitely my ‘global super-brand era’, in which I worked for brands such as Adidas, David Beckham Academy, Chelsea FC and Newcastle FC, designing flagship stores, concept exhibitions and designer outlet concept stores. The ‘fingertip’ future-proofing of brands such as these, where consumers and brands both drive accelerated change, means that you’re designing a generation ahead on every store element. It’s an exhilarating and incredibly satisfying experience being able to design futures.”

City Making, Brand Shaping

After travelling internationally designing banks, workplaces, value and luxury retail spaces, supermarket chains, premium eateries and global fast-food chains: where does one go from here? 

“Well, the obvious graduation for me was to look at where these places of work, play and learning cluster. So, I started to take a helicopter view and focus on cities, towns and real estate, looking at how I could translate the detail of my designs for super-brands into creating super-places.”

Head-hunted to be MD of a small Southwest London design practice, Ross grew the agency into a specialist multi-disciplinary practice. Here, Ross and his team delivered brand and environmental design, architectural services, marketing and project management for billion-dollar real estate developments featuring workplaces, universities, retail, leisure, and residential homes for new cities in booming economies.

“I worked across Central Europe and the Middle East for a decade, creating city, town and neighbourhood masterplans and developing a massive range of content for retail spaces, workplace and leisure brands and a host of inspiring start-ups. This was my ‘seven-to-eleven era’ – not a reference to the convenience store, but more so the scale of investment. It was a heady mix of conveyor belt concept design – quickly restoring all my skills from my Landor days – on top of a host of expansive economic powerhouse master planning projects that required a whole new set of skills. The numbers went from seven figures to eleven, hence the era naming.”

“The 'fingertip' future-proofing of brands – where consumers and brands both drive accelerated change – means that you're designing a generation ahead on every store element. It’s an exhilarating and incredibly satisfying experience being able to design futures.”

Ross Haxton
Managing Director, EMEA

Redefining Brand Visibility with BrandEye

With his concept conveyor belt, Scandi-chic, super-brand and seven/eleven eras behind him, in his role as MD of GLIMMA, Ross has entered the ‘age of brand visibility’.

“It’s surprised me how blind many brands are to their physical brand visibility. I never really had the opportunity to see every store or concept I designed through the eyes of the customer because being design-side, you don’t get to spend time to see everything you have designed. With the digitalisation of everything, many brands have neglected their physical brand, so here at GLIMMA, we’ve created BrandEye, which enables everyone involved in a brand to see how it shapes up and stands out anywhere in the world. It’s an amazing system, which has been adopted by some of the world’s most powerful brands to manage everything from design to implementation across their entire physical portfolio, from staff uniform to retail, planes, trains, automotive and workplaces.


Want to learn more about our incredible new brand visibility platform?

Discover BrandEye

So, how would he describe his role in this new era of brand visibility?

I’m working with brands to enable them to translate their visions into physical environments that are viable and physical, so more consultative, but very much involved in providing guidance and expertise of the design strategy. I’m also travelling again: from Malmo to the Middle East, via the MidWest!”

If you’d like to chat with Ross about design, BrandEye or to arrange a speaking engagement, get in touch:

A Decade of Project Management Evolution

Vico’s journey with GLIMMA spans a remarkable decade, marked by a multifaceted engagement that transitioned from client and vendor roles to becoming an integral part of our family. Her unique perspective, cultivated through experiences on both sides of the business relationship, has enriched her understanding of brand strategy and the intricate world of brand management.

Since joining as a full-time member in 2009, Vico has been the driving force behind several iconic brand experience projects. Notable among them are her contributions to Citibank, HSBC, BBVA, Ford Motors, and the successful implementation of Holcim’s brand identity across North and South America. Her comprehensive grasp of the intricacies involved in brand execution has solidified her as a key member of GLIMMA Americas’ Project Management Team.

Fusing Engineering and Project Management Prowess

Armed with degrees in industrial engineering and marketing, Vico’s professional journey commenced in market research and analytics at the esteemed 3M Corporation. Here, she honed her skills in problem-solving and discovered a passion for working with leading brands. This propelled her transition into roles that seamlessly combined marketing acumen with development expertise.

Vico’s commitment to integrity, enthusiasm, and forward-thinking is palpable in every project she undertakes. As a testament to her dedication, she pledges to be an attentive listener, ensuring that GLIMMA’s clients receive unparalleled service.

'Approaching client interactions with integrity, enthusiasm, and forward-thinking is not just a commitment—it's the cornerstone of my approach at GLIMMA.'

Vico Sanchezarmas
Senior International Project Manager, GLIMMA

Outside the Office: A Glimpse into Vico’s World

Away from the world of brand management, Vico is not only a Senior International Project Manager but also a devoted spouse and proud mother of two wonderful children. Originally hailing from Mexico City, she has woven her story across continents, calling first Los Angeles and now Boston her home.

Contrary to her modest claim, Vico is more than just “not a terrible tennis player.” Her passion on the court mirrors her dedication to her projects at GLIMMA. Additionally, her love for spicy cuisine is only surpassed by her commitment to volunteering for diversity awareness projects in her community.

In Vico, GLIMMA not only has a Senior International Project Manager but also an individual whose authenticity and expertise contribute to the consultancy’s success. Stay tuned for more stories from the exceptional team shaping the future of brand experiences at GLIMMA.

Through the symphony of strategy, Brawley Crawford orchestrates success as GLIMMA's Commercial Manager, seamlessly blending international market insights, strategic acumen, and a harmonious fusion of personal passions.

A Visionary in Commercial Management

Brawley Crawford brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as a business development director with a leading research and advisory services firm. His strategic vision and deep understanding of the industry make him the perfect fit for the role of Commercial Manager at GLIMMA.

Bridging Continents: USA Market Expansion

In his new capacity, Brawley will collaborate with executives to develop and implement brand strategies throughout the United States. Beyond borders, he will forge connections with international partners in the UK, Europe, India, and Asia, facilitating the expansion of their client brands into the American market in his new role as commercial manager.

Beyond the Desk: The Many Notes of Brawley’s Life

Away from the world of commercial management, Brawley is not just about strategy and business. An avid outdoorsman, sports fan, and accomplished cellist, he brings a harmonious blend of passions to both his professional and personal life. A graduate of Wake Forest University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Brawley’s talents extend beyond the boardroom.

Married to Sterling Duke Crawford, the couple is set to celebrate their first anniversary, adding a personal note to Brawley’s multifaceted narrative. The symphony of his life is not just confined to strategic planning; it resonates through his love for the outdoors, sports, music, and the celebration of personal milestones.

In Brawley, GLIMMA has found not just a Commercial Manager but a visionary orchestrator of success. Stay tuned for more tales from our exceptional team as we continue to shape the future of brand experiences at GLIMMA.

From Matchmaking to Brand Building:

Kirsten’s trajectory may seem varied, but her past as a matchmaker mirrors her current role at GLIMMA. Unlike the high-pressure sales environments of her past, matchmaking allowed her to develop crucial skills – listening, emotional intelligence, and above all, authenticity. At GLIMMA, we pride ourselves on this value, recognizing its pivotal role in building trust and long-lasting relationships in this new era of purpose.

'Authenticism is not just a brand value—it's the heartbeat of every enduring connection we craft at GLIMMA.'

Kirsten Donaldson
Director New Business Development

Navigating Borders: A Global Perspective on New Business Development

As a third-culture kid based in London, originally from Scotland but with roots in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Singapore, Kirsten thrives on the ability to work without borders. Her role as New Business Director involves navigating time zones, catching up with the team in Bangkok in the morning, and diving into a USA pitch in the afternoon. It’s a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape that mirrors the rich cultural perspectives she brings to every project.

Beyond Business: The Creative Rhythms of Kirsten’s Life

Beyond her role in new business development, Kirsten is a creative soul. The arts hold a special place in her life, with a love for painting, drawing, and a penchant for listening to music from around the world. It’s this creative rhythm that enhances her ability to weave compelling narratives for brands.

In Kirsten, GLIMMA not only has a New Business Director but a conductor of authentic brand relationships. Stay tuned for more stories from our exceptional team as we continue shaping the future of brand experiences at GLIMMA.

A Sky-High Journey to Creative Lead

Adam’s journey into brand brilliance took flight during his 22-year tenure at Delta Air Lines, where he honed his skills in delivering exceptional brand experiences and driving design innovation. As the design lead for Delta’s global airport network, Adam crafted visual experiences covering more than 20 million square feet of airport terminals worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on iconic locations such as New York JFK, London Gatwick, and Salt Lake City.

New York State of Mind

Beyond the confines of brand experience, Adam is a seasoned fine artist whose early influence from galleries in New York City laid the foundation for his vibrant and exuberant artistic vision. Inspired by artists like Warhol and Haring, Adam’s pop surrealism seamlessly evolved into abstract expressionism. His unique artistic journey took a captivating turn as he delved into the world of commercial aviation, birthing the innovative Jet Drip Art.

"In the world of art and aviation, I've found the perfect canvas for crafting distinctive brand experiences—where creativity takes flight."

Adam Pinsley
Creative Lead

Beyond the Boardroom: Lacrosse, Coaching, and Creative Expansion

Away from the creative realm, Adam is a passionate lacrosse player and coach, dedicating 40 years to playing and 12 years to coaching. Competing at the masters level nationally and internationally with Team Israel Masters, Adam embodies the same dedication and strategic thinking on the field as he does in the consultancy world.

In Adam, GLIMMA not only has a Creative Lead but a maestro of brand experiences, blending the artistry of aviation with the strategic finesse of consultancy. Stay tuned for more stories from our exceptional team as we continue to shape the future of brand experiences at GLIMMA.