Introducing Kirsten Donaldson

Meet Kirsten Donaldson, our Commercial Manager

Say hello to our most recent recruit, our Commercial Manager, Kirsten. Having lived in many parts of the world, she’s a true globetrotter.  With her international upbringing and her passion for branding, she and GLIMMA make the perfect match.

Q: Tell us about your role

I have been with GLIMMA since October 2020. Starting during the Covid period has not been without its challenges but I’m absolutely loving my role. I’ve met so many amazing people, on Zoom!

I spend a lot of my time researching and learning; I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to strengthen our international network and to build relationships with brands we want to partner with.

As Commercial Manager, I also act as the conduit between GLIMMA and our Gold Partners and other strategic partners.

Q: What have been your career highlights to date?

Previously I always worked agency side in creative and digitally focussed environments, delivering solutions for some of the biggest retail brands.

At GLIMMA I’ve found a role that consolidates all that I genuinely love – bringing together creative and commercial.

The present is very exciting and definitely a high point in my career because it’s such a unique period, watching the creative flight and fight response brands are having to play out.

We are in a whirlwind of digitalisation and immersive experiences and it’s hard not to feel inspired by brands who are redefining the customer journey and interacting in the most innovative ways.  The likes of Nike, Canada Goose with its daily snowstorm and Samsung’s experiential flagship location in New York City.

At GLIMMA we’re also following the digtialisation path, it allows for flexibility and predictability in an unpredictable time.

I love how we are embracing retro and nostalgia too, with the likes of the Burger King rebrand, transporting us back to a time where we feel comfortable and safe.

Q: Today is International Women's Day, who inspires you?

Maya Angelou: for her activism, wisdom and courage. She is the essence of the innate goodness and kindness in people.

One of my favourite quotes: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Ruby Wax: I really admire how she has channelled her own personal struggles into years as a mental health campaigner and lecturer. She communicates this message with wit, audacious passion and authenticity.

And last but not least, my mum: for her strength, style and infectiously positive outlook on life 😊

Q: What inspires you?

I feel privileged to work with such a diverse range of international clients, from logistics companies such as FedEx to luxury brands such as Moscow Jewelry.

Research and ‘keeping ahead of the game’ are a big part of my role so I’m lucky to attend a lot of events. At MAPIC last year (a retail event) I was particularly struck by the speaker from Swarovski, who introduced us to their ‘Inclusive Store’. Just wow!

The launch of their flagship store in Japan is a game changer and is truly experiential. With its cherry blossom tree, connectivity, tactile offer and product personalisations, they have completely redefined the customer journey. You don’t walk into their store to buy a bracelet, you walk in to experience magic and come away with a lasting memory.

The emotional connections that brands are building with their customers are way beyond function and commodity. It’s this sort of experience that will bring us back to the High Street.

I am also inspired by the diversity of our international team. I was born in Hong Kong, stayed for many years in Singapore and have lived in many parts of the UK, as well as Spain, so I feel very at home in our multi-cultural environment.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love the countryside and peaceful walks in nature. My hometown in Scotland is on the coast so I’m missing the sea air right now.

Music is such a massive part of my life, and has been even more so in lockdown. I’ve loved reconnecting with more old school artists such as Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, to name a few.

I’m also an avid reader/consumer of audio books. I have very eclectic taste – my latest lockdown fad has been uplifting and inspirational reads – Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty, Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King.

Q: What are you best known for in GLIMMA?

That’s easy – it has to be my two year old dachshund, Otto!  He is often more vocal on our Zoom team calls than me, so everyone knows him and his bark. I like to think that he has become a bit of a GLIMMA mascot!

Thank you Kirsten. Next up for interview is Chuck Driskell, our Managing Director, Americas

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