Brand Visibility and Management in the USA

GLIMMA USA transforms brand management, balancing tradition and innovation. Revolutionising asset management through advanced technology, we bridge the gap between physical and digital realms. Our global perspective fosters fresh ideas, unlocking innovation for enduring success.

Navigating the Brand Landscape

Unlocking the true potential of your brand involves a delicate balance between leveraging traditional strategies and embracing innovative perspectives. GLIMMA USA, with two years of successful operations in the USA, has been instrumental in redefining brand experiences for various companies, including a significant partnership with Delta Air Lines.

Our expertise in brand communication spans diverse aspects, but one particular observation has resonated personally – the diminishing role of physical assets in brand communication strategies. Anonymity seems to have overshadowed brands, and it begs the question: why?

Seeking validation, I consulted two industry leaders – a CMO at a multinational and the CEO of a major North American organisation. The response was telling. The CMO admitted, “Not enough,” while the CEO candidly stated, “I have no idea.”

'Digital is essential. But as time has moved on, we’ve lost how vital physical assets can be. Happily planning and auditing physical assets isn’t as tricky as it once was.'

Revolutionising Brand Asset Management

In the pursuit of digital dominance, the significance of physical assets has been overlooked. However, the task of planning and auditing these assets has evolved. GLIMMA’s brand asset technology eliminates the need for physical site visits, offering a cost-effective solution. Surveys are dispatched to field personnel across the USA, capturing essential data for evaluation. From evaluating on-brand aesthetics to conditions and visibility, the process is structured around client goals, even extending to the creation of webshops for tailored asset orders.

Global Perspectives for Local Success: GLIMMA’s International Reach Redefines Innovation

The USA is big. It’s easy not to look outside its borders. GLIMMA, being a global organisation, brings innovation from diverse cultures and countries. These fresh viewpoints have the potential to unlock a myriad of ideas and innovations, ultimately contributing to increased revenue.

In the realm of brand management, the marriage of old and new could be the secret sauce for revitalise customer relationships and reinvigorate real estate for American brands. GLIMMA USA champions this unique approach, inviting brands to embrace both the timeless wisdom of established strategies and the innovative spirit brought by global perspectives.

'Our partners bring innovation from different cultures and countries. These fresh perspectives can unlock myriad ideas and innovations – and ultimately increase income for you, too.'

In with the old, in with the new, the path to enduring success.

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