Workplace Branding

To attract employees back to the office, we need a fresh approach, where work becomes a destination in its own right.

Branding and smart design can help to quickly and cost-effectively transform the place of work: from a functional place where co-workers undertake tasks to an exciting space for collaboration and shared vision.

HSBC 1 We won two awards for this global workplace branding programme, where the ribbon graphic provides a central motif. Shown here in a central lift lobby in London, the ribbon provides a fluid way to make employees feel connected HSBC HSBC 2 We helped to develop best-in-class design guidelines to empower local teams in creating and delivering bespoke workplace brand experiences. This atrium in London is given a full makeover from plain background, using vinyl to create a impactful welcome HSBC HSBC 3 Read case study The influence of biophilic design is evident in this Glasgow office, introducing colours, patterns and textures that reflect the natural environment and HSBC’s sustainability credentials HSBC Kaplan 1 Strong use of colour, together with branded noticeboards, window vinyl and furniture, helps to create a vibrant branded working environment Kaplan Kaplan 2 Drawing inspiration from the logo, the letter K embeds the brand identity in their office branding, whilst complementary wall graphics help to create a sense of place and location Kaplan FedEx As part of their strategic workplace design, work spaces are quickly transformed, using a variety of product solutions, from paint and textiles to digital signage FedEx FedEx 2 The introduction of workplace branding is a key driver in the integration of many TNT workspaces, following the FedEx-TNT merger, helping to embed the new culture and create a sense of unity FedEx FedEx 3 Corridors, meeting rooms, breakout zones, cafeterias, stairs, kitchens and toilets – each area is carefully designed to reflect the new brand identity and create a cohesive experience for all employees FedEx Cola Our Hungarian Partner used the inspiration of the iconic bottle design to create a sense of pride in this welcoming reception area at the HQ of Europe’s largest bottling facility Coca-Cola Cola 2 Read case study The interior branding continued throughout the building to break out areas, helping to demarcate different zones and create vibrant spaces Coca-Cola Mott The simple application of a strapline to office walls helps to reinforce their corporate culture and values for all employees and visitors, following a rebrand Mott MacDonald Arla Our Partner, Nonbye, in the Nordics was responsible for the branding of Arla's head office in Denmark, using motifs from nature and their own dairy product range to help convey their sustainability goals Arla Foods Arla_2 Read case study The branding helps to create a more inspiring workspace, with the 1000m2 of printed graphics working to brighten both the individual offices for employees and the double height atrium space that welcomes visitors Arla Foods Amazon We used a series of related designs to both decorate the office walls, inspire the wayfinding and to provide privacy in meeting rooms Amazon Alitalia The use of geometric patterns, inspired by the logo, is applied to otherwise-dull corridors to help liven up the space and create a more inviting environment Alitalia Alitalia 2 Reception signage and wayfinding solutions help to create a clear customer journey throughout all Alitalia’s buildings Alitalia Nokia Read case study As part of their branding strategy following several mergers and acquisitions, we have helped to integrate the Nokia brand into many new workspaces globally Nokia End slide Discover five trends and top tips for Future Workplace Design and The Return to Work Post COVID

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