Signage and Wayfinding

Your building signage – exterior and interior – has the power to create a lasting first impression. But it can be one of the most complex items to replace. Our 20+year heritage in the signage and graphics industry allows us to help you overcome some of the biggest challenges:

  1. Translate your brand guidelines to develop sign family standards
  2. Choose the sign that is right for you and your specific locations – be it a traditional pylon or the latest digital solution
  3. Source materials to ensure consistency across all sites
  4. Liaise with landlords and local authorities to obtain the right permits
  5. Undertake site surveys to ensure a smooth installation
  6. Help to upcycle or recycle old signs

To create a seamless customer journey, we ensure that all external and internal branding is complementary. Signage often goes hand-in-hand with Workplace solutions.

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