Signage and Wayfinding

Your building signage – exterior and interior – has the power to create a lasting first impression. But it can be one of the most complex items to replace. Our 20+year heritage in the signage and graphics industry allows us to help you overcome some of the biggest challenges:

  1. Translate your brand guidelines to develop sign family standards
  2. Choose the sign that is right for you and your specific locations – be it a traditional pylon or the latest digital solution
  3. Source materials to ensure consistency across all sites
  4. Liaise with landlords and local authorities to obtain the right permits
  5. Undertake site surveys to ensure a smooth installation
  6. Help to upcycle or recycle old signs

To create a seamless customer journey, we ensure that all external and internal branding is complementary. Signage often goes hand-in-hand with Workplace solutions.

HSBC 1 As part of a global workplace branding progamme, we installed a variety of interior and exterior signage solutions across 20+ countries HSBC Alitalia This interior letterset solution was part of a global rebrand programme that included wayfinding, interior and building signage across 22 international locations Alitalia Amazon We delivered a branded wayfinding programme in more than 30 locations across five continents Amazon Suez In addition to the installation of signage at 500 sites in 20 countries, we helped to launch their high profile global rebrand by turning their Paris head office into a huge advertising hoarding SUEZ Portakabin We installed their new brand identity at more than 100 sites across seven European countries, from site survey to installation Portakabin Nokia Following several mergers and acqusitions, we have installed 100’s of new and upcycled 100’s of old signs globally. By creating an online self-survey tool, we improved efficiency and reduced costs Nokia Kaplan The end-to-end management of interior and exterior signage at 50 sites in the UK Kaplan Lexus We reviewed all their internal branding at UK dealerships, to come up with more robust solutions and achieved cost savings through economies of scale Lexus Mander Centre For this UK shopping mall, illuminated signage was the central feature of the entrance, creating impact day and night Mander Centre Zimmer Biomet Following the integration of two companies, we developed and delivered signage across all their EMEA sites, including a specially commissioned 20m illuminated sign at their Amsterdam head office Zimmer Biomet CarNext An end-to-end approach to all their signage needs, we helped to develop their sign family guidelines, created prototypes and installed interior and exterior signage at 30 European sites CarNext ILOT This high specification illuminated sign marks the entrance. Enhanced by complementary wayfinding and a new suite of shops signs, the new signage strategy is key to creating a sense of place ILOT DIOR A super fast turnaround for their Singapore store, designing and delivering a high-end storefront to reflect this brand’s luxury values DIOR FORD Why limit yourself to a sign when your entire building can become a showcase? This graphics solution was delivered to 350 dealerships across 20 countries, allowing the dealerships to stand out, both day and night Ford Dupont The delivery of architectural and signage solutions across 90 countries helps to bring unity and brand cohesion to Dupont’s partner organisations Dupont Education First Wayfinding signage, wall graphics and wall lettering were an integral part of the renovation of of 200+ historic campus sites across Europe and North America Education First Getinge We specified, procured, surveyed, manufactured and installed internal, external and wayfinding signage at 90 sites globally Getinge Coca-Cola As part of a workplace refurbishment, this illuminated reception signage helps to create impact for employees and visitors Coca-Cola

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