Meet Victoria “Vico” Sanchezarmas

Victoria “Vico” Sanchezarmas has been part of the GLIMMA family for 10 years in multiple capacities. Before joining as a full-time employee, she was both client and vendor to GLIMMA where she obtained extensive experience in both brand strategy and the intricacies of brand management.

Since 2009, she has led multiple brand experience projects including Citibank, HSBC, BBVA, Ford Motors, and Holcim’s brand identity implementation across both North and South America.

Vico is a key member of GLIMMA Americas’ Project Management Team, leading the planning, execution, and post-work of numerous projects across the region.

Holding degrees of industrial engineering and marketing, she began her career in market research and analytics with the 3M Corporation. She enjoyed the blend of problem-solving and working with leading brands, and later transitioned to roles in both marketing and development.

It’s critical to Vico that she approach her client interactions with integrity, enthusiasm, and forward-thinking. She vows to always be a good listener as she strives to serve GLIMMA’s clients.

At home, Vico is happily married and the proud mother of two wonderful children. Hailing from Mexico City, she has lived in Los Angeles and now Boston.

Vico claims she is “not a terrible tennis player.” She loves spicy food and volunteers for diversity awareness projects in her community.

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