The Brief

To brand and refurbish 40+ Lexus showrooms in the UK, offering exceptional customer experience within dealerships to reflect this luxury car manufacturers’ core brand values.

Lexus dealership branding

Lexus has consistently pursued its goal to build the world’s best cars, reflecting their brand values of design excellence and luxury.

This is achieved through the careful design and engineering of both their vehicles themselves, and through the creation of exceptional customer experiences with their dealership network.

One of our aims was to make the branded environments more resilient and robust.

By reviewing many of the materials that were originally specified, we achieved this.  Thanks to our buying power,  we also delivered considerable cost savings.

We designed, manufactured and installed the highest quality graphics to reflect their premium market position.

This included:

  • Design and materials specification
  • Manufacture and application
  • Site surveys and installation
  • Interior branding, including 3D wallpaper, solar film, graphic prints, workshop banners, frosted vinyl and health and safety manifestations

The branding programme was intially rolled out across ten dealerships in the UK, Norway and Spain. Following successful implementation, it was extended to a nationwide programme across the UK, including 20 new sites and 20 refurbished sites.

The customer-centric approach to dealership design is evident, with graphics used to designate different customer zones to meet the needs of a variety of customer groups. We also installed and laid out furniture to facilitate the designated customer journey.

Lexus dealership brandingLexus dealership branding

Flagship sites in Cardiff, Exeter and Gatwick were more heavily branded and included both internal and external glazing.

Lexus dealership branding

The addition of the ‘Experience Amazing’ tagline and the cityscape graphics helped to reinforce Lexus’s brand values, whilst the 3D wallpaper creates texture and depth.

The result is a high quality and consistent brand experience for all visitors to Lexus dealerships across the UK

Client feedback cited our personal touch as one of the biggest success factors in this brand rollout. Attention to detail was our mantra throughout - we provided the most detailed instructions to installers and were on site for every installation to ensure the highest quality control. It's an absolute pleasure to work with Lexus.

Richard Penn, Fields Operations Manager, Aura Brand Solutions