Aura Brand Solutions represents our operation in the UK. Commissioned by DPD to rebrand their entire fleet in the United Kingdom, our team also drew upon its international expertise, as part of the GLIMMA network, to develop a specification for the rollout of the rebrand across the rest of the European fleet.

The rebrand was prompted by the need to consolidate the branding of 4,500 vehicles across multiple markets.

Given the international nature of the project, we started by examining the product options available in all markets.

Working closely with DPD’s creative design team and our global partners, our technical team helped to develop the optimum product solution – one that would guarantee consistency in all markets.

Once agreed, we advised on the different implementation options for the most efficient pan-European rollout in terms of quality, time and cost.

'Working closely with DPD’s creative design team and our global partners, our technical team helped to develop the optimum product solution – one that would guarantee consistency in all markets.'

Ross Haxton
Commercial Director

UK Fleet Rebrand

For the UK fleet rebrand, our team was responsible for managing the design, manufacture and installation of the new livery designs nationwide, across a spectrum of different vehicles.

A full audit of the UK fleet was undertaken and prototypes were developed to ensure the most appropriate technical design.  Significant prototyping and colour profiling was carried out to reach a final graphics specification.

This provided full warranty cover, achievable only thanks to Aura’s status as a manufacturer approved converter and installer.

The variety of vehicle types was matched by the variety of vehicle owners, adding a layer of complexity to the project. A large part of the project management role being liasion with the company-owned fleet managers, the franchise-owners and the individual owner drivers, to ensure brand consistency across the entire fleet.

To minimise the time that vehicles were off the road during the rebrand, we also undertook any existing accident damage repairs at the same time.

'This is a testament to the collaborative relationship we enjoy with both the DPD team and our Partners in Europe. We worked closely with their creative agency and various fleet owners to create tried and tested product solutions that were centrally managed but implemented locally and available across multiple markets.'

David Sawbridge
Managing Director, Aura Brand Solutions

Maintaining the UK fleet

The ongoing management and maintenance of the DPD fleet also falls to our team.

With a continuous churn of new and old vehicles, an online ordering system and a bespoke accident management service has been developed, ensuring that vehicles remain in tiptop condition and remain on the road.


Extending the DPD brand

Interlink Express also operates in the UK but focuses on providing a more local service for shippers with smaller volumes.

Our team has also rebranded their fleet of 1,500 vehicles to DPD Local, using a blue variant of the now familiar DPD box design.


We reviewed the DP World brand and provided recommendations with regard to it’s identity and positioning to ensure it remains relevant in today’s market.

This international port operator was formed in 2005 after the merger of Dubai Ports Authority and Dubai Ports International.



Since its foundation as an international ports operator, DP World has developed significantly both in terms of its geographic sphere and the services it offers.

The provenance of the name DP (Dubai Ports) is no longer as relevant, having extended it’s reach to more than 40 countries.  From port operator to an end to end global data-driven supply chain solutions provider, a more cohesive brand identity was required to better reflect the DP World of today and take it into the future.


Major acquisitions and organic growth had led to a diverse and sometimes disjointed brand landscape, with a decentralised approach.

A more unified approach and a new framework were required to bring consistency and clarity to the management of their brand.


We conducted three way research to establish the widest possible perspective:

  • Purpose and vision
  • Values and mission
  • Proposition and position
  • Personality and audience
  • SWOT
  • Brand identity and applications

Starting with a comprehensive survey of key stakeholders, this primary research was undertaken by way of questionnaires, telephone and face to face interviews.

Secondly, we reviewed their online presence and finally we audited their physical brand touchpoints.

The results of this research programme provided us with a platform from which to make detailed strategic recommendations.

As a result of this strategic review, we delivered a roadmap for the future development of their: Brand positioning / Brand Identity /Brand Communications / Brand Applications / Brand Governance.


The DP World brand is supported by Brandspace, their online brand management system or DAM (digital asset management) which sits at the heart of their approach to brand governance.

Home to all their brand assets –  guidelines, documents, templates – we reviewed the entire system and made recommendations with regard to access, clearer definition of roles and responsibilities, a revised marcomms strategy and improved demarcation between principles and application.