Dynamic Workplaces

We create modern workplaces that provide the perfect place to stimulate creativity and enable teams to thrive and enjoy their time at work.

It’s important that brand organisations create places where their employees can be at their best, enhancing productivities and opportunities for dynamic collaboration between their teams. But that workplaces also cater for different working styles and types of work.

'We design flexibility into our workplaces to optimise team productivities and individual personal performances.'

Developing and delivering the HSBC Employer Brand

We worked with HSBC to develop, design and implement a global branding programme that brought brand consistency to their work spaces but at the same time, allowed for local customisation. At the hub of this large-scale and award-winning programme, we provided central control and input in terms of design, rollout, material specification and installation.

Immersing teams in the purpose and culture of your brand will enable your values to be owned and shared more effectively, we design brand language into workplaces to encourage brand and purpose ownership. We are currently rolling out dynamic branded workplace programme for a global brand, who are blending local art and cultural notes into their designed spaces to elevate local team brand values.

'Immersing teams in the purpose and culture of your brand will enable your values to be owned and shared more effectively.'

Our experience in real estate, hotel and retail design enables us to think and plan for every step in an employees daily journey and translate an organisations values and purpose into a culturally resonant and engaging place of work, opportunity and ambition.

'Unlock the potential of your team. Create places that inspire ideas that make the right difference.'

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