Implement design concept into retail space for Moscow Jewelry

CLIENT Moscow Jewelry
SERVICE Design, Implementation

The Brief

To develop a new modular retail design concept which can be scaled to fit any size store. This concept is to design and implement the retail space in Moscow Jewelry’s flagship stores in Moscow.

With over 300 stores across 104 cities, Moscow Jewelry is one of Russia’s leading jewellers. Selling more than one million items in-store every year, their retail network is critical to their success.

Central to success was an in-depth knowledge of their brand proposition and how this is reflected across their different product ranges.

The 1000mstore in Moscow’s AFIMALL is laid out in zones, one for each product range.

Every zone is designed with specific customer profiles in mind.

The design concept considers every aspect, from lighting, fittings and finishes to carefully planned seating areas with handpicked furniture.



We implemented the new design concept in two of Moscow’s top shopping malls – Metropolis and AFIMALL. Since then, sales at their stores have grown by 30-35%, bucking the retail trend for luxury items in this market.

The design concept is now being rolled out at future stores.


Our aim was to successfully translate their brand proposition into the retail environment, ensuring that the interior design and architecture engage every customer in the right way. The design incorporates a high level of digital interaction, with high quality video used to actively engage visitors.

The result is a welcoming branded space where every customer feels comfortable browsing and is motivated to purchase.

'The new retail concept has provided an incredible boost to our brand’s image. Our customers and staff have truly welcomed the flagship concept and this has been reflected in our sales, which have grown by 30-35%. The combination of planning, product display and digital presence has helped us move our offer beyond what we had anticipated.'

Egor Vaganov
Marketing Director, Moscow Jewelry