Free to attend webinar in partnership with Transform

Ross Haxton, our Creative & Brand Services Director, will be speaking at a one hour free-to-attend webinar in partnership with Transform magazine on Tuesday 9 February 2021.

Recalibrating business for the 2020s: Brand purpose in a changing society

The ways in which companies relate to all their stakeholders is drastically changing in a post-Covid-19 world. They are having to adapt their roles in society and focus on the challenging issues that will define the next decade.

During this webinar, Ross will join speakers from Drax Group and SUEZ, amongst others, to share their experiences as they examine stakeholder engagement in 2021 and beyond, exploring the data-driven approach to brand management and the way brand design and implementation will affect corporate purpose.

We’d love you to join us at this free-to-attend online webinar on Tuesday 9 February from 15:00 PM GMT.

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“2020 will always be remembered as the year of Covid. The fact that we entered a new decade slipped by almost unnoticed, but it is still a significant milestone. Business is cyclical and brands have a definite lifecycle. We certainly can't ignore Covid but in this webinar we will debate and hopefully find answers to define the right pathway for brands that will successfully get them to 2030 and beyond."

Ross Haxton - Creative & Brand Services Director