Rive Gauche rebrand

The Brief

To create and deliver a new brand identity and store concept for Rive Gauche, a leading cosmetics retailer.

With 250+ stores across Russia, Rive Gauche is one of Russia’s largest beauty retailers, selling brands such as Chanel, Givenchy and Dior, in addition to their own brand make-up.

Rive Gauche rebrand

Brand strategy and design

Working with Rive Gauche’s brand and marketing leaders, our G CREATIVE team in London helped to define a new brand hierarchy. Following indepth analysis – market and brand position, target audiences, tone of voice and extensive retail benchmarking – we developed a new brand identity and retail concept.


Rive Gauche retail designRive Gauche retail design

The cosmetics market in Russia is estimated to be worth 9.7 billion USD. To create standout our creative team had to be bold.

We stripped the brand right down to its essence. Inspired by the name which resonates with the Bohemian lifestyle of the Left Bank in Paris, we created a Russian and French version of the new identity, based on the newly defined brand values and positioning statements.

It was critical that their brand makeover reflected a clearer identity.

The logotype has become the main identity, with the new brand symbol being used in a secondary way.

The strapline and logo have been dramatically transformed. We increased the size of their descriptor to improve visibility and reiterate a clear and concise brand message.

Changing the colours to a warmer and bolder colour palette allows the brand to stand out and makes a bold statement.

Rive Gauche implementation

Our new brand positioning represents a big step towards achieving our marketing goal of strengthening our leadership position. The G Creative team were able to quickly and precisely understand our objectives, translating them into a vibrant and relevant design. But perhaps more importantly, they have succeeded in making the new brand become alive instore, to create a unique customer experience.

Dmitri Podolinski, Marketing Director

Rive Gauche rebrandRive Gauche retail design

Every branded item is designed to make a statement

The new identity has been applied across all product ranges, merchandise and instore.

Bags are important merchandise – we designed them with everyday luxury in mind. This was incorporated into the shopping bag design, strongly implying the quality of both the products and the customer experience.

The Customer Loyalty cards are clearly distinguished through choice of colour. A variety of card holders help to personalise the experience, allowing individual customers to choose the design that best suits their personality.

Translating the brand design into the physical retail space

The brand vision was encapsulated into our store designs: clear and spacious floor plans, differentiated brand zones, focused promotional areas, unified graphics and formats, consistent clear signage to create a pleasant and easy customer journey that is appealing to the eye. Brand colours were implemented throughout.

Digital was a key element, creating energy and movement to catch the eye of customers and draw them into the store, into particular zones or to specific products.

We implemented the new retail concept at their 600m2 flagship store in the AFIMALL shopping centre in Moscow.

Rive Gauche rebrand

The end result is a warm welcoming environment. The openness encourages visitors to linger and browse.

The use of natural finishes and clean lines, the careful choice of lighting and illumination… all these elements help to create a ambience and look that ensures Rive Gauche stores will stand out from its competitors.

Rive Gauche rebrand