The Brief

To deliver the branding for more than 30 locations worldwide, creating offices with a sense of community.

From the page into the workplace

We worked closely with the Amazon team to adapt their central Brand Book in order to deliver global brand consistency in all of their global markets. By paying attention to these details it enabled the implementation of the workplace and signage branding programmes to be faster and more cost effective.

Why workplace branding?

It brings life to the Employer Brand, encouraging employee motivation and engagement whilst being easy to install and offering a lot of ‘bang for the buck’! It is fast becoming the norm to invest in these programmes.

Eyes on the prize

A central project management team was put into place to oversee the consistency and quality of the branding project, as well as managing the ongoing maintenance and review programme.

Through creating the standardisation of processes, we have created a clear roadmap for the implementation of every signage project worldwide.

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