Technology: Our technology can improve your brand visibility


In a hyper-digitalised world, hurtling towards the metaverse, many brands fail to leverage the power of their brands in the physical world.  Our tailored brand technology solutions enable you to know how your brand presents in every physical environment it is located so that you can simply and easily prioritise your brand presentation, modify messaging, elevate brand perception, and reap the brand benefits of every asset in your portfolio.

Our Technology Can Improve Your Brand Visibility 

The objective is two-fold, firstly understand exactly where you brand is physically presented across your portfolio of physical assets. These physical assets can range from buildings to fleet to workplaces to logistical containers. We have performed these evaluations for global airlines, couriers and service brands, so have a proven track record of evaluating brand locations across the world. 

'We can help you look up, look around and pinpoint everywhere your brand can be found, through our audit and evaluations services.'


Audits and evaluations can be carried out via traditional surveys or our self-survey tools. We will build your brand a customisable app which enables your teams, wherever they are in the world to simply photograph your brand in its location and location, dimension, composition and quantity data. It’s an easy operation that any smartphone user can perform, the clever part is in how the app and our Project Management Office team convert this data into valuable visualisations  of how visible and compliant your brand is.

'Our technology- led solutions are reliable, economical, fast, less prone to human error and far more carbon neutral than an outsourced survey approach.'

The second facet of the audit evaluation is identifying where your brand isn’t located within your asset portfolio. Using our audit process to capture any physical asset location or mobile assets, such as fleet will enable you to determine whether to apply your brand to those assets and us to design a solution through our Brand Design services.

Manage Your Physical Brand – Brand Asset Database

Our PMO team create a customisable brand asset database for every client, showing the status of all brand assets. We can customise the database by asset type, location, region, continent and size, shape and style of your current brand assets.

You will be able to see how the world sees your brand. 

Understanding, how and where you are physically presented will enable you to prioritise, plan and programme a revitalisation programme. It will also enable you to plan, how to better position your brand on assets that are currently under-utilised.


The portfolio of your brand design is hosted at your Brand Asset Store. In simpler terms, this is an online store of every physical brand asset you will need. If there is demand for more bespoke brand assets based on regional requirements or promotional campaigning, these can be designed and added to the store at any point.

The Brand Asset Store enables your teams to plan and programme the procurement of brand assets from a regionalised or centralised perspective.

'Once we have designed your portfolio, we will work with international production partners close to your locations to agree cost, production, quality and supply expectations.'

Our global partner network ensures that we manage cost of production, supply and installation efficiently and appropriate to each market. It also means that we reduce our collective carbon footprint and we are collectively investing in businesses and people local to your physical assets, stimulating employment and economies.


We will act as the single point of contact for your brand implementation programme, co-ordinating with your internal team to manage Audit evaluations, local suppliers, site planning approvals, brand applications and installations.

For complex branding programmes, our experienced Programme Managers draw upon a variety of project management methodologies  to ensure a seamless delivery.

Our central Project Management Office (PMO) becomes your engine room – a team of professionals who are driven by detail, devoted to quality control and dedicated to transparent and real-time reporting.

'Our global network and central project management delivers full transparency to all stakeholder levels and ensures brand compliance and quality control. Local knowledge and implementation always result in fit-for-purpose solutions, cost efficiencies and carbon neutral solutions.'

Once implementation programmes are complete, our team can monitor lifecycles of your entire portfolio ensuring that your brand is managed and maintained to a high standard, via the Brand Asset Database and Brand Asset Store.

It’s the combination of our unique technology, global partner network and PMO that ensures your brand is implemented consistently and to a high quality anywhere in the world.


Our design team will, from your brand guidelines, develop a suite of physical brand assets for use across your portfolio. We can design every physical touchpoint for your brand. We have designed global brand asset suites for aircraft, fleets, retail stores, airport terminals, workplaces through to personalised stationery for employees.

'We can join you at any part of your brand journey. You might have commissioned us to ideate and develop your brand or to implement your existing brand.'

Our team will also design bespoke solutions for those areas identified within an audit evaluation where your brand doesn’t currently exist. The Brand Asset Database and Audit Evaluation enable us to design bespoke brand assets unique to each location and asset class, these are then available to order through the Brand Asset Store.

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Brand visibility through our audit and evaluations services 

The objective is two-fold, firstly understand exactly where your brand is physically presented across your portfolio of physical assets. These physical assets can range from buildings to fleet to workplaces to logistical containers.