Land and make impact in India with GLIMMA

The India of today is almost unrecognisable. A modern and progressive nation, it’s the fifth-largest economy in the world ($3tn GDP) and arguably the fastest growing too – around 6-7% annually. It’s an exciting marketplace for any brand to land in or leap from.

But despite this accelerated modernisation and progressivism, India still suffers from bureaucracy and government lethargy towards business. Competition is stiff and brands need to stand out and apart to get noticed.

This is where GLIMMA India can help. We offer our clients – both Indian businesses and multinational corporations – a well-rounded consultancy and project management service for all their branding needs.

We are a bridge between markets, enabling brands to land and make the impact they need.

If you’re a multinational, we can deploy your brand identity, digitally and physically, across India with a seamless single point of contact service that keeps you informed at every stage. We can bring regional insights and help steer regionalisation, working with our specialist media partners to optimise your brand landing, by region, city and town.

For Indian brands operating domestically, we offer similar services: expansion, penetration or elevation, we can leverage your brand. And when combined with our ability to plug-in to GLIMMA’s global network, we can enable Indian born brands to reach customers in over 100 countries dominating globally as they do at home.

'It’s an exciting marketplace for any brand to land in or leap from. So international clients can take advantage of local skills, insights and cost benefits we can ensure lndian organisations can benefit from new skills and economics, working with a global brand can bring.'

We can help brands land in or leap from the most exciting marketplace in the world. Knowing how brands need to flex and fit to global markets, we can support with the granular as well as the global in equal measure.

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