Global brand engineering – prepare your brand for rollout

Once your brand positioning and identity design is complete, it’s time to lift your brand off the design page. Translating your concept into tangible brand touchpoints requires a detailed touchpoint itinerary, product knowledge and a thorough understanding of what is achievable in different markets.

Design Development

Detailing & Specification

Documentation & Prototyping


Through our international network, we quickly match your creative objectives with what is practically feasible to deliver your brand consistently across all touchpoints and markets.

1. Design Development

Brand guidelines don’t always tell the whole story

It takes a brilliant creative mind to develop your brand identity, lovingly capturing the essence of your brand personality – fonts, colours, application templates – into your design guidelines.

No matter how comprehensive your guidelines are, it is unrealistic to think they will cover every scenario.

We help to plug the design gap.

Enriching your style guide, we supplement the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of your brand with the ‘how’. This stage is an essential step in your brand development.

We develop on-brand solutions for real-world scenarios.

From standard uniforms and digital signage to customised flagship store fit-outs, every element of your brand customer experience (both online and in 3D) is carefully crafted and documented.

2. Detailing & Specification

Helping to make your brand vision become reality

We pinpoint the exact design specification and identify any restrictions that may impede the delivery of each element of your brand journey.

In this discovery phase, we identify:

  • Phasing and timelines
  • Product and supplier availability across all markets
  • Legal frameworks and local legislation
  • Budget restrictions and standardisation
  • Performance requirements such as climate
  • Plant requirements such as scaffolding
  • Manufacture warranties


Be it website, signage, lighting, furniture or uniforms, making your design vision work in reality, often requires lateral thinking.

We ensure that your design principles remain at the heart of the rollout, ensuring that your brand personality is consistently reflected throughout.

Plugging into our international network, we define scaleable solutions that will effectively transform mood boards into reality.

We help you to develop a tried and tested global blueprint for branded assets that can be delivered globally.

3. Documentation & Prototyping

Eliminate uncertainty to ensure brand consistency

This stage brings together all the details into a clear and comprehensive set of instructions, specifications, drawing packs, artworks and workstreams.

The better the brief, the better the outcome! We make the information as clear as possible so that it can be conveyed to every participant in the design and delivery process, wherever they are in the world.

This ensures there is no margin for error.

For large scale items, it’s important to check design concepts through prototyping. This helps to minimise risk, ensuring the solution is fit-for-purpose and allows for guidelined and documented adjustments.

Pilot schemes also help to test the feasibility of specific solutions and provide feedback on real-life implementation.

The right level of documentation will ensure that your design intent is both budgeted accurately and delivered without too many surprises.

4. Tendering

Source and appoint suppliers, ready for brand implementation

We can help you to select the best suppliers through tender.

Our global network is immediately available to scale up your branding efforts. But we value our independent status and also work with your nominated suppliers or help you to find new ones.

From Requests for Proposals, we help to manage the entire process:

  • Prequalification
  • Briefing
  • Evalution
  • Shortlisting
  • Presentation visits
  • Selection
  • Final negotiation
  • Appointment


Our global approach to supply chain management offers you best-in-class standards, quality control and economies of scale.

Perfectly prepared to implement your brand globally.

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